Monday, February 6, 2017

Digital Citizenship: Activity 3 Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint
Is basically everything on the internet that is about you! 
Sometimes content about you may be viewed by people you don’t know. Your digital footprint may include photos, audio, videos, blog posts, posts you write on friends’ walls. Like all information on the internet, it can be permanent. 
Remember: Internet information has a global audience

Revisit the 4Rs - emphasized in SST
  • R1 - Respect
  • R2 - Responsibility
  • R3 - Relationship
  • R4 - Reflection
Apply the 4Rs in cyber space.

With the choice you made, you must also bear the responsibility.


 Alternatively, you may click HERE to access the clip

Reflection Question 3 
Post your responses under comments

(a) How do you find this lesson relevant to you in your life?

(b) Why are people not aware of the risk they can potentially put themselves in when they share personal information on the internet.

(c) What can be done to increase people's awareness of these dangers?


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  1. a) In our daily life, it is common of teenagers to post pictures of themselves in online platforms and try to expand our friends circle. However we should always know who is the person behind the screen before doing anything.
    b) They might not be educated about this or they might think that it is extremely hard for hackers to get their information.
    c) We could initiate public education.


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