Monday, January 23, 2017

Homework 23rd January 2017

1) Short Story Presentations (Check LA Classroom for more info) 
- Week Five (30th Jan>) : Alya, Kyexin, Eleanor, Devika, Maya 
- Week Six (6th Feb>) : Yi Feng, Rui Ming, Hans, Hady, Spencer 
- Week Seven (13th Feb>) : Mikail, Naqib, Xu Cheng, Anieyrudh, Caleb
- Week Eight (20th Feb>) : Triston, Linus, Martin, Vignesh, Russell 
2) TKAM Flashcards (Check LA Classroom for more info) 
Due: Last lesson of this week (Thursday, 26th Jan) 

1) Worksheet 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 (If not completed) 

1) iBook Chapter 1-3 (Check Geography Classroom for more info) 
2) GIS Project (Check Geography Classroom for more info)
- Affordable housing: Alya, Yi Feng, Vignesh, Spencer, Mikail
- Facilities and amenities for all ages: Kyexin, Caleb, Keison, Hady, Bryan 
- Sense of place and belonging: Eleanor, Ruiming, Yan Tao, Naqib, Jing An 
- Variety of transport modes: Devika, Ethan, Martin, Triston, Anieyrudh
- Quality of transport infrastructure: Maya, Hans, Linus, Russell, Xu Cheng 
Due date: 7th Feb, Monday 

1) 第一课 Worksheet

1) Evaluation Matrix (Check IE Classroom for more info) 
Due: 27th Jan 

1) Prepare equipment request form. 
Can be found at: 
1) There are on going GEOG learning journeys. (Next GEOG learning journey: To HDB Hub, 2nd Feb, Thursday) 

Please be reminded that RDFZ GCP people will be excused from 8:15am - 1:30pm tomorrow. Report to LO1 with your LDS and we will be going to NEWater in the afternoon.  

Tomorrow's Subjects: 
Mother Tongue, ADMT, English, S&W and Science
Remember to bring your SNW Attire!!

There's never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same. 
                                                                   - Carlos Santana 

Sorry if I missed out anything. Have an awesome day!


  1. Write a 200 word reflection on why we didn’t turn off the air con when we left for science lab, and why the back door wasn’t closed. Submit to teacher tomorrow. (applies to al 25 students because all for one, one for all)

    1. Don't need to do anymore, only Spencer. Thanks Spencer!


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